The society communicates with its members using a private mailing list:

Any member can post to the list. There are no formal rules for how to use this list, and it is not moderated. However, collegiality and respectful communication are expected. In the past, it has been used primarily for announcements regarding the annual meeting and advertisements of open positions in members’ labs and institutions throughout the year.

Sending email to the list

To post to the MDRS list, you will send an email to from your subscribed email address. (Messages sent from non-subscribed email addresses will be silently ignored.). Because of how listservs interact with different email systems, you mostly likely will not receive a copy of your own message. Therefore, to provide you with confirmation, posting to the list involves a two-step process as outlined below.

Step 1: SEND

Send an email to from your subscribed email address.

*TIP: If you are unsure of your email address, ask Jarrod.


You will receive an email response from 'UT Lists' <> asking you to confirm your message.

*TIP: If you don't receive this email within a couple of minutes, check your spam folder.

Follow the instructions within to send another email to confirm the distribution of your original message.

from: UT Lists <>

subject: Confirm your message for list mdrs

To distribute the attached message in list ‘mdrs’, click on the URL:

Or send a message to with the following subject:

CONFIRM 65f1d425fd7fbe62add693a4da356168


Soon afterwards you will receive a second email response from 'UT Lists' confirming that your message has been distributed.

*TIP: Pat yourself on the back and take a little break from the grind. You've earned it.

from: UT Lists <>

subject: Message distribution

Your message for list ‘mdrs’ with the

65f1d425fd7fbe62add693a4da356168 ID has been confirmed and distributed.

Viewing the list archive

Login with your subscribed email address using the steps outlined below.

HOWTO MDRS listserv archives.pdf